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is what happens when wonder never dies, and nostalgia is openly celebrated. From private parties to public events, our team of artists are ready to take your experience from fun to legendary.

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We are a space that you can film your next music video in, throw a birthday party, have your wedding (yes we did that once and it was awesome), shoot your product line, throw a rave, capture your COSPLAY, shoot boudoirs for that someone special, or shoot them for your OnlyFans! We love all art created here, we love all our artists! This space is a LOVE LETTER...

from Artists to Artists.

We are better than our competitors for several reasons, but the biggest one is that we provide space to capture what you need. Our studio is almost 6 THOUSAND Sq Ft of studio space! Ever shoot in someone's apartment that had been made to look like a cute studio but you're trying to fit your entire creative team into a 10 X 10 Bedroom? It's the worst. You will not run into that issue here. You also won't run into the issues you do with these "Selfie Museums" where they leave them open to the public until no one is interested and everyone in town has already shot the same 4 looks til no one cares anymore.




If you are like us, you LOVE Dallas (and sometimes even Fort Worth)!! Dallas is one of those unique places that has a big city feel but embraces its Entrepreneurs and its Artists! It's true! Artists in Dallas do not struggle like many of our brothers and sisters in Portland, NY, LA, or even Our neighbors  in Austin. That is why some of the best artists, musicians, photographers, models, mural artists, rappers, are all right here in the Dee-F-Dub!


The only thing that Dallas really lacks is unique places that provide the opportunities that we need to host parties and create quality productions. It's TRUE. Ask any Dallas photographer where they shoot the most and you will get "downtown" or "the Arboretum". Not because they lack creativity but because they lacked options. WELL NOT ANYMORE! 


FEVERMATIC STUDIOS is the answer to a problem that has plagued this wonderful city for far too long! By giving people a space that is 100%  UNIQUE, ELECTRIC, VIBRANT, EPIC, ECLECTIC, and constantly CHANGING we have successfully kicked that problem in the balls!




Meet the Team

We would love to talk about your Event! 

All we need to know is the amount of people, the date, and the time frames, and we will go to work getting you a fair bid today! 

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